20 Sun-Drenched Summer Photos Recently Uploaded on Lomography


How’s your summer going on your side of the world? We’ve been really curious about how much fun all of you are having this sunshin-y season, so we looked around — just a little bit — and we love what we found!

Are you making the most out of the deliciously bright and sunny weather this summer? If you haven’t yet, then you better start heading outdoors to soak in some sun and snap lomographs here and there, while you still have the chance (well, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, that is)! Many of our fellow lomographers have definitely been packing their bags and lugging along their cameras for some road trips and beach time, so we decided to look around and see what they have been up to. The recent summer snaps we’ve found did not disappoint; allow us to share with you 20 of our favorites!

Credits: mrmaart, azel, dreamseller, kleeblatt, elvismartinezsmith, erikagrendel, ibone, visnelisufle, zero_charly & buckshot

What about you, how much fun did you have on your summer escapes? Share your photos/stories with us and leave a comment below!

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