Salvador Dali in a suit playing skipping rope with several children

2013-08-16 1

We all know that the legendary Surrealist painter has a quirky side, but apparently, he also finds the time to get a bit playful aside from making mind-blowing art!

Photo by Francesc Català Roca via Anthony Luke Photography Blog on Blogspot

Many of Salvador Dali ‘s photographs taken throughout his life and colorful career show the charming eccentric side that won him admirers from his time to the next generations. You’ve probably seen some of them here in the Magazine — taken by Philippe Halsman, Weegee, and David McCabe — and we’re more than ecstatic to share with you another one! The photo above, taken by Francesc Catala-Roca sometime in the 1960s, is yet another endearing snap of the master Surrealist being his kooky self, playing skipping with some kids. He seemed to be agile for someone who was in his fifties, don’t you think?

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