Upcycle a Vintage TV Into a Light Box!

2013-08-16 3

If you still have ancient television sets gathering dust in your home, repurpose it into a cool looking light box for your favorite Lomographs!

Photo from atomicindy

Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. The trend of upcycling is definitely one of the best things to come about in recent years, both aesthetically and environmentally speaking. Why shell out your hard earned money when you can create one of a kind items on your own?

If you have a vintage TV like this Sony TV-750 from 1972, you’re in luck!

Photo from atomicindy

All you have to do is to carefully remove the screen and its guts. Try to donate them to your local e-scrapper! Once the shell of the TV is cleaned out, use a new power cord and put a low wattage light bulb inside.Print a photo and trim it to fit the screen. Place the screen back and voila, you now have an accent lamp that’s as kitschy as you can get!

Photo from atomicindy

Information for this article was sourced from atomicindy

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  1. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Love it!!

  2. polarhei
    polarhei ·

    well, big light box with that size! Good job.

  3. servus_salyut
    servus_salyut ·

    Looks great!!!

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