Piešťany: The Beautiful Spa City of Slovakia


I love visiting Piešťany. As one of the closest spa cities to Bratislava, I had visited Piešťany several times. FOr this particular visit, I took my Fisheye with me. I came to Piešťany with my friend by car, where found accommodations in the hotel right in the city center. and because we had a spare afternoon, we went for a walk.

Next to our hotel, there is “Bridge of love”. Locks from the smallest to biggest seal the love of two people.

Our next stop was the Colonade Bridge. This is where traffic jam takes place. The bridge connects the city center with the Spa Island. Aside from the nice view, you can also buy traditional spa wafers here. I cannot forget the typical symbol of Piešťany – a man breaking the crutch. For tourists, Piešťany is known for its healing mud and thermal waters, therefore you cannot leave the city without trying them out.

At the Spa Island, you find peace. Whether you are walking among the pavilions — where in each of them you can take a different procedure — or have an ice cream, or walk in the park, or sit on the bench, there is always peace and nobody hurries anywhere.

You can find a lot of hotels here and each of them is different — one is luxurious, the other one is smaller but the staff might be nicer and more willing. I noticed that bicycle is really a popular means of transportation in Piešťany. You can encounter kids and adults riding the bike everywhere, whether for the quest of a trip or just so.

From the Spa Island, we wandered along the River Váh and back to the Colonade Bridge. Our goal was the city center. We accidentally came across the Balneological Museum where an amazing and passionate guide tells you a lot about Piešťany – its history, citizens, spa tradition. He also answers your questions, all for just one(!) euro.

Our hunger for the unknown was defused, so it was our stomachs’ turn now. We walked the city and found, quite by accident, a restaurant right at the corner – Le Griffon. I can only recommend. Waiters were quick, responding, food was delicious and in the hot weather nothing could be better than a lemon-mint lemonade.

Wandering around the city:

In the afternoon we went to explore the modern part of the city – and look what I found – my very own brand of clothes!

Overall ,I rate Piešťany as a very peaceful city that is definitely worth visiting. We met a lot of tourists, each seemed to be content, relaxed, with bags full of spa wafers.

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