DIY Camera Strap Using a Leather Belt!

2013-08-15 3

Your stock camera strap not showing enough of your personality? Take a walk on the wild side and create your very own using an old (or new) leather belt!

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If you have a funky leather belt you’re not using anymore (lost weight, or sadly gained a few?), you can upcycle it into an awesome camera strap. It’ll be heavier than before, but it’ll be sturdier by leaps and bounds too!


Photo from poppytalk
  • One or two belts depending on the size. Usea a measuring tape to find out exactly how long you want your strap to be.
  • A leather punch
  • Scissors and a hammer
  • Strong material that is small enough to fit through the camera strap hooks, like ballistic nylon.
  • Measuring tape
  • Rivets


  1. Measure and cut the belt/s to the appropriate size.
  2. Punch 4 holes into the leather using the leather punch. Make sure that the hole is not too big and that the rivets fit snugly.
  3. If you’re using 2 belts, overlap the 2 pieces, slip the rivets on, and hammer the rivets to secure the two pieces of leather together.
  4. Loop the ballistic nylon (or whatever you’re using to connect the camera to the strap), and hammer rivets into it as well, securing it to the leather belt
Photo from poppytalk

Information for this article was sourced from poppytalk

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  1. stratski
    stratski ·

    Cool strap! I'd replace the nylon with metal key ring open rings, for a more natural look.

  2. roxanneross
    roxanneross ·

    it looks just awesome!! :)

  3. saliminternationalekhan
    saliminternationalekhan ·

    Fantastic and very wild west stye :)

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