Lomography Guide to Prague: Roses are Red

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Sometimes after doing some long sightseeing, you just need to get away from all the crowds and rush of the city. Sometimes you are in a need of finding a peaceful place, where you can rest your swollen feet. And sometimes you just need to smell the beauty of roses.

Credits: erikagrendel

Summer in Prague is also a time and a season for roses, their beautiful smell and company while resting after a long walking through town. Personally, there are 3 special places which I can recommend, when you are in a mood for this wonderful flower and even if you are not, you will find a “rose-lomo-paradise”.

Franciscan garden. Photos by erikagrendel

Franciscan Garden (Frantiskanska Zahrada)

This beauty is hidden right in the centre of Prague, near the Wenceslas Square and you can get there either from Jungmanova or Vodickova Street.

Although being situated so near the noisy and always living spots, the garden offers a peaceful space for rest from all the rush of the cars, trams and people. On white benches and under the roses, you can find here an oasis from noise, but usually not from the crowds.

The garden was established in 1348 as part of a Carmelite monastery, which became the property of the Franciscans in 1604. The Franciscans grew flowers here until the monastery was sacked by robbers in the 17th century and the Franciscans were forced to leave.

Petrin, the rose garden. Photos by erikagrendel

Petrin – The Rose Garden

Petrin Park and Gardens are one of the popular places for relaxations. On the Petrin Hill, you can find the view tower, baroque fortifications, the observatory and among others, also the Rose Garden. Although, it is a popular place, you can always find privacy there. More importantly, it’s a great place to take photos.

Credits: megsshelly & kasta72
Kvetnice, photos by erikagrendel

Petrin is also hiding one beautiful but secret garden — in fact, it is rarely found by tourists. It is Kvetnice — home not only for some roses’ bushes, but also for many other flowers and some romantic dreaming too. So if you are on Petrin Hill, do not forget to search for it.

Lomo on!

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