Beautiful Outdoor Scenes Captured Using the Fuji Klasse W


Take a look outside your window — is it a nice, sunny day that’s too good to waste indoors on your side of the world? Better start packing your cameras and films and head to the great outdoors! For your daily dose of inspiration, we urge you to flip though our selection of Fuji Klasse W snaps taken by our fellow lomographers in the great outdoors!

While looking around the Lomography website for some interesting Photos, we came across some beautiful snaps of the great outdoors which prompted us to look outside and see if it’s a great day to head out and shoot. With the selection below, taken using a beautiful premium film camera from Japan called Fuji Klasse W, we’re sure you’d want to pick up some of your cameras and pack a variety of films for an outdoor shoot!

Credits: gakurou, area51delcorazon, oskar73, meryl, catfordst, twicebee & chethong

If it’s a sunny day outside on your side of the world, take advantage of the sunshine while summer is still around! For some inspiring summer snaps, take a look at some sunny selections of photos taken by our awesome community members using the Lomo LC-A+, Horizon cameras, and Belair X 6-12!

Do you also have some nice outdoor snaps taken using the Fuji Klasse W? Go ahead and leave a comment below to share your snaps with us!

written by plasticpopsicle on 2013-08-15 #lifestyle #outdoors #lomography #landscapes #analogue-lifestyle #fuji-klasse-w

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