Repainting My TLR Camera


The Recesky Twin Lens Reflex is a clone of the GakkenFlex, a 35mm film camera that you build it yourself. It comes in black, white, sky blue, red, yellow and orange, but those color just don’t feel right for me. I’m gonna talk about repainting this cute camera into a nice neon shade!

So I have to make it a camera that is different from others by repainting it. I usedordinary spray paint which you can easily get from your local hardware store. I choose a bright color as I want it to be outstanding with the black camera body.

Before painting it, cover the inside of the lens barrel so that the paint doesn’t add thickness, otherwise you will find it too tight to screw in the lens. In that case, you’ll have to scrape off the paint so the lens will screw in smoothly.

After that, just spray paint the front panel before you assemble the camera. Apply at least 2 thin layers and make sure the paint is smooth. Let it dry under the sun and you can assemble it following the instruction manual.

And that’s it! You’re done. Of course you can draw on it, or apply stickers. But spray paint is the easiest and safer way to customize your camera.

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