Lomography Lobster Redscale 110: Intensity and Contrast


Power. Courage. Vitality. Attraction. Anger… This is the Lomography Lobster Redscale 110, analogue intensity.

I have worked with redscale films only two times in my life. The first was with Lomography Redscale. I liked the results because they were random. The second time was during this summer, walking around Mexico city’s subway with my Fisheye baby and the Lomography Lobster 110. Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations about this film. Actually, I had no expectations at all; I thought it was just another film… I could never be so wrong.

If there was a word that could perfectly describe this film, it would definitely be “intense”. It has two colours that dominates the entire film, only two, (at least in my case). But despite that fact, it doesn’t represent any disadvantage at all; it is its strength. Both colours, orange and red, look saturated and vibrant, making a banal and insignificant photograph into something else.

I also thought that my pictures wouldn’t be as contrasty as they are, this was something totally unexpected for me. I liked the mood that it gave to my pictures, though. Like something rough and old. The dark atmosphere sort of reminds me of a zombie apocalypse or the Armageddon, which is pretty awesome; and somehow, chaotic.

The light in this film works in a very interesting way. I used this film in places where there was hardly any, and I am impressed that I even got my pictures. The iso in the Lomography Lobster is made to use it in daylight. I used it in cloudy days, in shadow and inside an auditorium and even so, I got my pictures. Which means that this film is a very good option if you want to experiment and take it beyond its limits.

I have seen other photographs using this film, photographs where there are more colours than just orange and red. I think that I got this dark style because of the absence of light. I liked it, and I will definitely try it again. You can learn from this experience and experiment on your own, you never know what you might be missing.

written by thenewyorkers on 2013-08-22 #gear #mexico #film #review #contrast #lobster #110 #lomography #intensity #requested-posts

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