The Analogue Reader: Photography Books in Public Libraries


Are you thinking of reading photography books to expand your knowledge and improve your techniques? Before you burn some cash on expensive photography books, head to your local library first. Learn about PetaPixel’s tip for all of us analogue readers after the jump!

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For those of us who are looking for some photography reads, PetaPixel says all we have to do is to head to our public libraries and remember the magical number 770.

What’s so magical about it? It’s the division number for “Photography & Computer Art” in the Dewey Decimal System, the library classification system used by 200,000 libraries in at least 135 countries.

You will find various books grouped together in this division, but PetaPixel also says you can refer to the following numbers when searching for specific photography tomes:

  • 771 for books about techniques, equipment, and materials related to photography
  • 771 and 773 for information on metallic salt and pigment print processes
  • 778 for various genres of photography
  • 779 for books featuring works of contemporary and historical photographers

So, when are you heading to your public library? Don’t forget to tell us what you find there!

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