How I neatly organize my negatives

2013-09-21 1

Organize your negatives in a very simple and colorful way!

Finally! I finished digitizing my negatives but…the problem was all of them were in a bag and I had to check one by one in order to know which ones were already done and which aren’t.

Thinking of a way to organize them, this was what occurred to me.

All you need are:

  • folder
  • notebook
  • pencils
  • scotch
  • y post-it

It was very easy!

First of all, I gathered every negative I had and I labeled them with a post-it with the camera’s name, the film I used and the time I shot them. I also put some tape to make sure they’re right in place. It’s good to be detailed in the marking process so you don’t mix up your negatives.

And I used the lovely post-it that rocafish give to me.

After that, I wrote down the number of the negatives in my notebook and the same notes that the negatives had.

Finally, I saved them in my folder:

There you go, a simple and neat way to take note of all your negatives! Hope you liked my tips!


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  1. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    I really love love this article!

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