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2013-08-14 2

The back to school blowout continues on with the spotlight now on Lomography’s very own movie camera – the LomoKino! Here in the Daily Picks!

Channel your inner analogue filmmaker with the LomoKino! All you need is a roll (or two) of 35mm film and voila! You’re now able to capture the magic happening one frame at a time! For a better filmmaking experience, you can even add your favorite flash units thanks the standard hot shoe slot!

Click here for more details about the Back-to-School promo.

Read all about the LomoKino over at the LomoKino microsite.

Credits: japsix, eva_eva, simonesavo & zonderbar

Read user reviews about the LomoKino over at the Reviews section.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your own LomoKino at a special 35% discount* over at the Online Shop! Hurry while stocks last!

*discounts may vary per region.

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  1. jvujnovi
    jvujnovi ·

    I have never owned a motion picture camera (film or video), but I am curious about experimenting with it. Has lomography ever considered making a lomography projector that can show these types of movies? I believe a Japanese company (Gakken?) has a manual projector for 8mm. Perhaps Lomography can make something similar for 35mm.

    While I'm on the subject, what about a manual super 8mm camera? i think Zenit used to manufacture one.

  2. matt_skwid
    matt_skwid ·

    Shot on LomoKino !
    Gabe Levine - Long Spun Thread [ Music Video ]

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