Andy Warhol wearing shades and a weird headdress sitting beside a well-dressed and imposing Salvador Dali

2013-08-12 1

Surrealism meets Pop Art in this meeting of epic art proportions!

It was a glorious springtime in 1965 when the two giants of the art world met at St. Regis Hotel in New York City. Andy Warhol, the Prince of Pop Art, was reportedly rendered speechless, for once, when faced with the iconic Salvador Dali, a master of Surrealism. Good thing this meeting of epic art proportions was immortalized and documented on film by David McCabe.

Dali grabbed an Inca headdress (which we can assume to be painted in bold, bright colors) and plopped it on Warhol’s head. After five uncomfortable minutes, the photographer, at Warhol’s word, snapped the fascinating photograph above.

Find out more about this historic meeting at Phaidon!

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