Lomography Earl Grey 100 120 Review – Worth a Try

2013-08-16 1

I’ve been shooting this film with my old folder camera Franka Solida I. I develop my own negatives and for this film, I’ve been using Rodinal 1:100 dilution, 1 hour stand development. Here are my thoughts about this film.

Credits: jutei

First of all, it’s quite cheap and that’s always a good thing for me. Costing little less than 5€/roll is a good deal. For a bonus it comes in a cool looking cardboard box as Lomography films always do. I like it how Lomogarphy makes the packages more interesting than more traditional films. I think it adds value and gets you in the right mood for shooting!

With this review, keep in mind that with black & white films, the developing process affects the outcome, so this is my opinion with my style of development. You might get different results using different developers and different techniques. I myself had some problems developing these films. My old polish film tank caused uneven developing, because the reels couldn’t keep the film in place. Two times the end of the film was loose when I opened the tank for drying the film. I have to try my new Paterson tank to be sure that the problems were caused by the tank and not anything else.

Credits: jutei

As for results – I’m pleased. Grain is fine, but still visible and it gives film some character. I hate films that are too grainy, but I’m not big fan of almost grain-less photos too. This film is capable the produce sharp result, even though my Franka Solida isn’t the sharpest camera around. Tonal range seems to be good, but next time I’m going to go for a more dramatic and contrasty look. I’m sure that this film can master that too.

Credits: jutei

I’m very pleased with this film and I’m definitely going to order some more. I think this will be my basic 120 black & white film. Something that I will learn to trust and I always know what to expect from it. So go ahead and try it, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. twinklecat
    twinklecat ·

    Even though you got imperfect developing, I really like the result! Kind of like light leaks.

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