The Best Friendship Includes Lomography

2013-08-18 2

How can two best friends become even better friends? Through Lomography! I’m a photography graduate, and last year in Brussels, I encountered a fun little camera; the Diana Mini. After a few weeks I was hooked, but I wasn’t the only one. My best friend got addicted to it too!

After a lot of research, reading Lomography Magazine and a lot of rolls of film, my interest in Lomography started to grow. I was hooked on the bright and bold pictures that were the result of slide film. I had to create these too! My newly found interest in analogue photography also ignited a spark inside my best friend Jettie. So while we were on a holiday together in Antwerp, Belgium, it didn’t take me long to find the Lomography Gallery Store. Jettie quite literally ran inside and bought her first camera; the Colorsplash.

Of course, best friends know what their friends interests are. But it wasn’t until we started taking pictures together, we found out that our creative minds complement each other very well. Together we developed a style in which you can find both our personalities and characteristics. You can best see this in our pictures. It doesn’t only have a Rock ‘n’ Roll edge, but you can also clearly see our friendship and loyalty to each other.

Our collective goal is to create something as creative as possible, without thinking too much about it. Capturing ‘our moments’ with an artistic edge. By cross-processing slide film, the colors pop right of the screen. I hope to shoot a lot more film with Jettie and amaze people with what analogue cameras have up their sleeves, as long as they are used by two creative best friends.

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    A similar thing is happening with one of my close friends, after spending time watching me shooting he wanted a go and now is on the look out for a Zenit, nice article :)

  2. peeey
    peeey ·

    Ah nice! Thanks you for your comment! Its contagiously haha! @segata

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