Picture This: Ultimate Happiness Captured on Film


Capturing happiness on film is not as easy as it sounds. Of course, you can take pictures at times you are very happy — the act of making these pictures might even contribute to the moment of happiness. But, the most important thing is that whenever you look back on those images, you will be caught in a moment of pure nostalgia and no matter how bad the weather or your situation is at that moment and feel happy again.

For me there are a few of these photographs. They might not even remind me of one event in particular, but just capture a more general feeling of me being happy. For example, the times I get to spend sunny (or rainy) Sunday mornings in bed (preferably with the boyfriend, but alone or with cat comes on a very good second place) and the photos I made of the perfect light falling onto my white sheets represent that perfect morning for me.

Credits: merelgroebbe

Every image of my cat gives me shivers of instant happiness as well.

Credits: merelgroebbe

If I would only pick one photo in this “category” it would be my little baby in my favorite window of my house, with my favourite view, and on my favourite time of the year when all the plants in front of my window become green again. INSTANT HAPPINESS GUARANTEED (for me at least…).

Credits: merelgroebbe

Of course, I also get happy from looking at pictures of me and my boyfriend, of my good-hair-days, of our journeys together — put whenever I see images like the ones I showed you, I can feel me-being-in-that-moment again. Maybe it’s somewhat because I love to spend time in bed — I think sleeping and dreaming is one of the best things a human being is able to do — but the pictures of unmade beds I slept in send me right back between the sheets and that’s a place I always feel happy!

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