Instant Fun with Nicky Digital!

It’s been a few years since we caught up with our amigo Nicky Digital! Check out his fun Instax shots from the Camp Bisco electronic music festival, plus how he keeps his trademark stache’ intact…

Hi NickyDigital! What have you been up to since you were last in touch with us Lomographers?
We JUST launched a record label, Shot a music video, and released our FIRST single!

What is your favorite Lomography camera to shoot with and why?
Each Lomo has such different qualities that it’s hard to choose just one! I of course love the instant gratification of the Fuji Instax, the form and quality imagery of the LCA and the analog instagramy squareness of the Diana!

What is the best party you’ve ever been to?
Once again it’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve shot thousands of events around the world and I like to think that each party has at least a little something that makes it special! Whether it be Kraftwerk’s 3D performance at Sonar in Spain, partying with Skrillex at an after hours event deep in the heart of industrial Bushwick, Brooklyn or even snapping poolside street style fashion portraits in Palm Springs.

Which place has the best night life scene?
Depends what you’re looking for! NYC has a great diversity of nightlife. We’ve got the gritty downtown spots like Leftfrield, big rooms clubs like Webster Hall, posh meatpacking spots and a ton of interesting off the map spots like House of Yes. I also LOVE Reykjavik nightlife and Helsinki definitely impressed as well!

What is the most interesting place you’ve ever traveled to?
ICELAND! The people are so amazing and the landscapes are ALL breathtaking. It makes being a photographer easy! You can’t point your lens in any direction and take a portrait of a photogenic person or glacier!

If you could take your camera and some film anywhere in the world right now, where would you go, what would you do, and why?
It’s always a toss up between going somewhere you’ve been and want to explore more or just spinning the globe and picking out a far and distant land you’ve never experienced before! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan or Hong Kong because I imagine it must just be so different than anywhere I’ve been before! I’ve also heard amazing things about the nightlife in Brazil. So many options and so few rolls of film!

I mustache you a question…What’s your secret in keeping a well groomed mustache.
I’d tell you but then I’d have to make the joke about killing you! But since you asked, I use Hawleywoods Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade

Any tips for other budding Lomographers and party animals out there?
Take a lot of photos of the things that excite you! The more you see, the more you shoot, the better your photos get!

Thanks for sharing the fun shots from Camp Bisco Nicky! If you’re itching to try out some instant film at your next party, check out our nifty Instant Backs for the Diana and Lomo LC-A+. Plus, check out Nicky’s gallery on all the photos from Camp Bisco. Lomo on!

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Thanks, Danke, Gracias


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