The Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching


The abundance of nature in Kuching was a welcomed contrast for a Hong Konger. The beauty of the land, the people, and the union of the two through music was something I’m very glad I was a part of and should be a universal experience. Join me on a climb to a waterfall and more from my first trip to Malaysia after the jump!

Shortly after landing in Kuching, we drove to Lundu to climb the mountain Kampung Jantan (well not to the summit but till we reached the Jangkar waterfall). There’s nothing more reinvigorating than a tough climb after an 11-hour flight with no sleep! Suffice to say the view from our vantage point, nestled in the lush foliage expected in such a location, was spectacular. There was even a double rainbow welcome – terima kasih ☺! Our guide Ben and his dog were amazing by the way.

On the Sapeh (traditional lute of the Orang Ulu people of Central Borneo) is a man with a beautiful melody to play. As I’d heard from frequenters to the Rainforest World Music Festival since its start in 1997, there were a lot more performers from Sarawak this year. This was my introduction to the sounds of the festival which comprised the beautiful music of Australian Aborigines, upbeat Danish folk songs, and, from the heart of Africa, tunes that made you dance.

Credits: didijeay

These serene photos by didijeay show the scope of the Sarawak Cultural Village where the RWMF was held. The last photo of the interior shows participants at one of the multiple instrumental workshops held each day of the fest, during the mornings and afternoons. I particularly enjoyed a bagpipe workshop where bagpipers from Ireland to Iran demonstrated the sound and manner of the bagpipes from their countries and then performed together to a curious and engaged audience. I hope this is descriptive enough as I don’t have a photo!

In sum and in comment to maduz photo, I hope you’re able to join the Rainforest World Music Festival next year!

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