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Fuji Reala was one of the best Color Negative films created by Fuji. Here’s a small review based on my experiences with this amazing film

Aimed at professionals and enthusiasts, Fuji Superia Reala 120 ISO 100 was one of Fuji’s Color Negative films produced until it was discontinued last year. I managed to get a box of 5 120 rolls some months ago and I decided to give them a try on my Lubitel 166U I bought.

First of all, this is a color negative film so it can be developed in any photo lab that develops film with C-41 chemicals. Its ISO number is 100, so it’s perfect for sunny and overcast days, although you can use it indoors if your camera lens is fast and wide open, if you have a flash/tripod or if you have nerves of steel :)

Credits: elkilla

One thing I noticed is, just like any film with a low ISO number, is the amount of grain. It’s really low so it’s perfect if you intend to print your photos, they won’t look grainy at all! Color reproduction is amazing and vibrance is really pleasant to the eye (just look at those blues!).

Credits: elkilla

Real challenge about shooting a ISO 100 film on a camera with a max aperture of f/4.5 on its lens: indoor photography. Either you need a flash, use a tripod or open it wide with a slow shutter speed. Both photos above were shot at 1/30s and f/4.5. The first one was at an airport, second one on a subway. Both places were poorly lit, so I was very glad I captured some details.

Credits: elkilla

For portraiture photography, Fuji Reala can give you some nice details due to its low grain and accurate color reproduction. If your lens is sharp enough and the exposure settings are set as you expect, this film can capture great portraits!

Overall, this is a nice multi-purpose film. Sadly, it’s not produced anymore by Fuji, however you can find some retailers at eBay that still sell it. If you can get at least one, give it a try! It’s one of the best Color Negative films produced by Fuji.

Credits: elkilla

I hope to get a box of 5 before they completely disappear from stores (my friends should be happy about this, they know I always give away some film). Hope you can get some and have fun!

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