Top Shoutbox Users of July 2013

2013-08-10 4

It’s your ultimate go-to for the itsy bitsy yet still juicy analogue news! It’s small but it’s mighty terrific!

Ah yes, it’s our Community Shoutbox! That tiny marquee box located at our homepage which I personally love visiting! Well, we better give kudos to our top Shoutbox users for July 2013!

djramsay (106 shouts)
aanum (72 shouts)
rocafish (66 shouts)
aldaer (54 shouts)
blueskyandhardrock (45 shouts)
emkei (40 shouts)
bebopbebop (36 shouts)
headlock (32 shouts)
ohlordy (32 shouts)
poepel (31 shouts)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-08-10 #news #top-shoutbox-users #2013-community-recap #july-2013-recap


  1. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    great shots!

  2. ester_s_ch
    ester_s_ch ·

    Felicidades mi @rocafish eres genial!

  3. rocafish
    rocafish ·

    jejejej graciaaas mi @ester_s_ch ! :) Me gusta mucho esa fotito del perrito c:

  4. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Thank you and congratulations! :) @djramsay, @aanum, @rocafish, @aldaer, @blueskyandhardrock, @emkei, @bebopbebop, @headlock, @ohlordy, @poepel

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