Top Photo Likers of July 2013

2013-08-10 1

Sometimes, liking Lomographs is a virus we just can’t wear off. It can be contagious and it sure hits hard!

But it’s fun and touching! Fun because you get to see all these lovely Lomographs and touching because you get to show some analogue love in our Community. And so we say thank you and congratulations to July 2013’s top photo likers!

rik041 (41,202 likes)
simonesavo (35,391 likes)
atria007 (20,712 likes)
mafiosa (15,896 likes)
cocaneonkamerasutra (14,918 likes)
aanum (13,373 likes)
alexyz (11,297 likes)
zorzyo (10,291 likes)
tasjarhodes (10,263 likes)
kibs (9,959 likes)

written by mayeemayee on 2013-08-10 #news #top-photo-likers #2013-community-recap #july-2013-recap

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