Decorate Your Diana Mini for Summer

2013-08-07 1

Here’s how I brightened up my Diana Mini for summer. What’s more summery than sunflowers?

I went to my local craft store and bought tiny paint brushes and enamel paint in white, yellow, green and brown. Personally I think enamel paint is the best for painting onto plastic as it produces bright colours and definitely won’t rub off. The little pots cost £2 but there was more than enough for my decoration.

I decided to just paint the bumpy surface around the middle of my Diana Mini. First I painted the background white which took a few coats so that all the bumps were covered with paint. Make sure the paint is completely dry before painting another layer or a different colour which can take a few hours. Then I painted the yellow petals of the sunflowers onto the white background.

For the centre of the sunflowers I painted brown oval shapes with short lines coming from them, they look sort of like fat spiders. Then I painted the stems and leaves with green and finally I painted yellow, white and green dots on the brown centres to depict the sunflower seeds.

Ta dah! My Diana Mini is now ready for summer. Get creative! I would love to see anyone else’s summer decorations, this can be done with any camera, and design and any colours! Happy summer everyone.

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  1. segata
    segata ·

    Good job of the paint work, you have a good steady hand, I prefer the acrylic paint meant for warhammer models to enamel for doing detailed stuff, it drys faster and is easier to clean up any mistakes and brushes after the paintings done.

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