DIY Film Negative Necklace


Itching to add another piece to your growing recycled jewelry collection? We’ve got another project for you to try out and it’s a beauty!

Photo from refabdiaries


Photo from refabdiaries
  • Chain
  • Jump rings
  • A closer and jewelry wire.
  • Sprocket strips from film negatives
Photo from refabdiaries
  1. Prepare 5 different sized sprocket strips.
  2. Carefully insert the jewelry wire into the strips. Make sure to alternate it between long and short pieces.
  3. As you gradually tighten the wire, gently push each piece into its “petal” shape.
  4. Wrap the wire around itself a few times and snip it off with scissors.
  5. Join the petals with jump rings. Be sure to place the ring through two holes on both sides. Then it stays flat and helps the whole necklace stay flat.
Photo from refabdiaries
Photo from refabdiaries

Information for this article was sourced from refabdiaries

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