Rock It Out in Analogue: Up Dharma Down


Let your soul fly in the galaxy and your heart float with the stars. Let Up Dharma Down’s music, ‘magical,’ as I may call it, take you away. Read about one of the Philippine heavyweights in the music industry after the jump!

Credits: walasiteodito

Up Dharma Down is an award-winning band from the Philippines. Since 2006, they have successfully completed three full length albums titled ‘Fragmented’ (2006), ‘Bipolar’ (2008), and ‘Capacities’ (2012), all under the independent record label Terno Recordings. The band consists of Armi Millare in keyboard and vocals, Carlos Tanada in lead guitars, Ean Mayor on drums, and Paul Yap on Bass.

Armi, Carlos, Ean and Paul

I have actually met them personally, they are a very kind bunch. I was lucky because I am part of the company that invited them to play in an event last May 2012 called “I SILK SCREEN THIS TEE” where you can silkscreen your own t-shirt. They played at the event and I took the opportunity to capture them on stage.

Credits: walasiteodito

Their music is kind of a pinch in the heart for me. The kind of pinch that hurts you a bit but still fills you up from the inside. Most of their songs have that melancholic melody that perfectly suites Armi’s voice. Some of their songs are seasoned with synths and effects that makes you feel like everything is otherworldly beautiful. Some of my favorite songs are Sana, Tadhana, Taya, and We Give In Sometimes.

Credits: walasiteodito

Here is a video of one of my UDD favorites, hope you will try to listen and enjoy!

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