Sukuh Temple : Erotic Temple in Karanganyar, Indonesia


My friends and I went out for a summer picnic.
We choose to visit Sukuh Temple in Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia.
Sukuh temple is different from another temple in Central Java, especially with its architecture.
It looks like a Mayan temple.

Sukuh Temple located in Dukuh Berjo, Desa Sukuh, Kecamatan Ngargoyoso, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia.

Not many people know about Sukuh Temple, even many of Jogja and Central Java’s people do not know the existence of this temple.

Sukuh Temple is hidden on the slopes of Lawu Mountain, elevated more than a thousand meters above the sea level.

Sukuh temple is The World’s Less-Known Erotic Temple.
There were some reliefs of naked people! It is just surprising, considering Indonesia is a country with strong norms and values.

There was a relief of Garuda (a large mythical bird appears in both Hindu and Buddhist mythology) and a relief scene depicted Bhima as the blacksmith on the left forging the metal, Ganesha in the center, and Arjuna on the right operating the tube blower to pump air into the furnace.

And, if you wanna try the local cuisine, you should try Rabbit satay.
It’s so delicious and healthy. There are many rabbit satay stalls near the temple.

So, Visit Sukuh Temple! You won’t just be taking a walk on the cool mountain slopes,but you’ll also enjoy beautiful ancient architecture of the last temple built in Java.

Happy Summer :)

All photos taken with Lomo Lc-a+ White Japan edition loaded with Fuji Superia 200

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