Konstruktor DIY Kit - If I Can Make it Anyone Can

2013-08-09 3

Generally when I buy D.I.Y assembly products I give up half way , but the Lomography Konstrukor was so simple to make and looks beautiful .

When I got my Konstruktor I was so excited and pleased, the box it came in was absolutely beautiful and I will definitely be finding some other use for it now my camera is made.

I wanted to dive straight into making it but I knew if that happened I would only get it half made and possibly lose parts, so I made do with just admiring it until I had a quiet house and was able to use the whole table to carefully layout all the parts. I was nervous starting and just kept thinking what if I destroy my whole camera. However, the instructions were easy to follow and on one or two occasions when I did go wrong I could easily remove the screw and no harm was done to the camera.

What I found to be incredibly helpful and stopped me feeling I had perhaps gone wrong was a seven-part series of YouTube videos put up by the ‘lomographicsociety’. It made things so much easier to be able to watch someone do the steps before I did.

Here’s a link to the YouTube videos:

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7

I am really impressed with this camera, it was simpler than I thought to assemble and was even enjoyable and relaxing to make. I found it educational and leaned about how the inside of a camera works. It is also very good value for money and a beautiful camera.

I have yet to decorate the outside of my camera, as I am waiting for inspiration to come to me but at the moment I’m excited to get out and about in the world and take photos with it.

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  1. vonkrueger
    vonkrueger ·

    how long you take to assemble it?

  2. aoifeodwyer
    aoifeodwyer ·

    hey , not fully sure because i do a little, stop then start again later . but id say around an hour

  3. cliona
    cliona ·

    nice videos

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