DIY Gift Containers

2013-08-06 1

Have a gift of to give? Want to have giveaways at your next shindig just like the Hollywood A-listers do? Try using a personalized gift box of sorts using a film canister!

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Giving gifts in ordinary boxes and wrapping paper is passe. Nowadays, it’s all about upcycling and re-purposing old or broken down items. Besides, why buy a box when you get a free film canister with every roll of film you shoot?

For materials, you’re only limited by your imagination! You can try wrapping it in old ribbons, pages from a dictionary, or super-gluing seashells.

What gift so small would warrant something that requires this much effort, you ask? I dunno… a couple hundred dollar bills, a key to a new car, or even a wedding ring come to mind. Like I said, you’re only limited by your imagination!

Photo from inmyownstyle

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