Picturing Happiness: People Close to My Heart


“Friendship is the most charming kind of happiness.” When picturing happiness, the only thing that comes to my mind are my friends. The people who go through thick and thin with me, the people close to my heart, the people who would sacrifice for each other.

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My definition of happiness isn’t just about laughing, spending money, or going someplace special. For me, what makes me happy is hanging out with people who make me feel that I am who I am. These people may not be the perfect or most popular ones, but they are genuine. You don’t have to pretend to be someone else, or pretend to be happy around them. They are the ones who stick by your side when you need help, someone to talk to, or just people to hang around with and have fun in our special ways.

These people are my coursemates in my polytechnic.

Credits: syerowoo

In March this year, we had a class chalet at one of the chalets in Singapore. It marked the end of our first year of study at the polytechnic together, and we all needed a break from school. Despite knowing each other for only a year (at that point in time), we bonded really quickly and forged bonds that still stays strong.

These pictures represent happiness to me, as we knew, that during this chalet, we didn’t have to be who society wanted us to be. We were free to be who we wanted to be and do what we wanted to do without any restrictions. It was a very enjoyable time and honestly, it was one of the most memorable and happy experiences I had in the recent years.

Credits: syerowoo

Following that, we had a trip to Gardens by the Bay! Thinking back, all i could remember about the time spent there was the laughter and joy we felt hanging around and enjoying each other’s company. We could take our time in walking around, cracking really bad and lame jokes, yet laugh like nobody’s business.

It didn’t bother us that we had an activity sheet that day to complete. What we valued to us the most was each others’ company, and I hoped that time would freeze then at that moment, for us to never stop having fun.

Credits: syerowoo

I’d consider this to be a form of happiness — one that I wouldn’t give up for anything in the world. To be honest, I look forward to school each day not because of what I am studying, it’s because of these people, the ones who make my day whole. Each day, we’d embark on a new adventure in our own world, laughing at our inside jokes, sharing happy and sad moments, and doing the stupidest things together.

This is for you guys, the special ones from DBID.

Credits: syerowoo

And for you, the one who’s stayed by my side each step of the way for the past 1.5 years. You have shown me the true meaning of happiness and I want you to stay happy yourself. I’ll make sure of that!

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