6 Cool Café Hangouts in Sydney

If you are looking for good cafés to chill at while exploring the various suburbs in Sydney, here’s a guide that may just help you. It comprises 6 eating spots in 5 suburbs (in alphabetical order) that you can stop by to rest your tired feet and fill that empty stomach of yours.

3Group Espresso Bar in Darlinghurst Road is a tiny coffee joint that sits up to 8 persons inside. The coffee is surprising fragrant and comes with a generous dose of dark chocolate powder on top. The café also carries a small selection of breads and pastries baked at its premises.

Belljar Coffee in Alice St, Newtown is a hole-in-the-wall café run by a couple whose cheery demeanor will put a smile on your face. They serve up simple (and scrumptious) food fare and brew a very decent cup of coffee.

Bills is a cozy space in a charming building in Liverpool Street within the Darlinghurst suburb. The creamy scrambled eggs we had were perfectly done but the coffee paled in comparison. Lunch is also served here.

Reuben Hills in Albion St., Surry Hills is a café on its ground floor and a coffee roastry at its loft. It is a pretty space with brick walls and lots of metal to give the place an industrial feel to it. If you are a serious coffee drinker, here’s a place you might want to visit.

If you have read online reviews, you will know that this bakery in Macleay St. is well known for its baked goods. While the coffee was nothing to shout about, the chicken pie and croissant were winners for us.

The Grounds is a café cum bakery in Huntley Street, Alexandria that carries an array of amazing desserts (e.g. lemon and passion fruit tarts). Its menu promises food prepared with only the finest ingredients, some of which are grown in-house. Another reason why The Grounds is worth your time is that it is insanely beautiful. If looks matter to you (as much as the quality of the food), you have got to see this place.

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