LomoAmigo: Evon Tan Seaside Lookbook


“Quite a poetic feline”, model and Lomographer Evon T. has rejoined us for another LomoAmigo edition – this time as muse in front of the camera! Evon knows artistic expression, and the lo-fi black and white portraits taken along a mysterious shoreline are quite nostalgic and breathtaking. See for yourself after the jump!

Seaside Lookbook

Model/Lomographer: evon_t
Photographer: Vincent Lee
Camera: Diana F+
Film: Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100 ISO 120

We were initially inspired by your expressive Chromosomes XY photographs. From a model and photographer’s standpoint, what does B&W allow/prohibit in comparison with Colored photos? Which do you prefer?
I have always loved or preferred B&W over colored photos. It’s just captivating by looking at how the raw emotions are captured in a photograph without the presence of colors. It’s true that colored photos could do the same but for me B&W gave more room of imagination by not painting the full picture.

How do you like shooting with the Diana F+? Any tips & tricks?
Unlike my modeling jobs, which are often digital photography related, I will not get worn out by numerous shutter clicks shooting with the Diana F+. I was all at ease because all I needed to do was to be my most natural self in a beautiful surrounding.

Looking at your lookbook, it’s very poetic. There are a lot of poems inspired by the seaside, do you have a favorite one?
No, I do not have any that is inspired by the seaside. The seaside often reminds me of the music video of the song “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice though. Everything about the song is simply breathtaking and I believe most of you would agree.

What’s that in your hand in the photos? It looks like a Konstruktor! Do you have any photos and/or thoughts to share thus far?
Oh yes it’s the latest addition to my collection! I have yet to finish the first roll but it was absolute fun to keep me sitting still for hours to put all the pieces together. This is very rare for a inpatient person like me I must say.

What can we expect to see next from Evon T.
Let Evon surprise us all!

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Keep track of Evon’s projects on her website and her Facebook fan page.

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