Trippin Store, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Trippin’ Store is a multi-brand store located in the trendy Palermo neighborhood. This is an old area of Buenos Aires city which has been recycled, becoming a must visit spot. Trippin’ Store is a store that mixes clothes, shoes, bags, books, art, cameras and more, for both men and women. Come Visit Us!

Which one is your favorite Lomography camera and why?
First of all, I love them all! But my Favorite Lomography Camera is theMini Diana F+. I believe it’s an all-purpose camera, made to be used by either a teenager or an older person, for day or night. Love multiple
exposures done at night with pink filter!

What’s the weirdest Lomographic moment you’ve ever had?
Not sure if it’s the weirdest, but its very funny every time I ask someone to take a picture of me and I hand them a Lomo camera! People laugh, sometimes try to point it the wrong way. But most definitely they always become interested on these cameras and the different effects they create.

What is the nerdiest question you’ve ever been asked in your shop?
So far no nerdy questions. But some funny ones, like are these for decorating? Where do you stick the memory card? hehe

Where is the best place to shoot some Lomographic masterpieces in your city?
Definitely Palermo Neighborhood is one of the best places to shoot some Lomo moments. You can find vintage stores, graffiti, parks and many other fun stuff.

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