DIY Framed Camera Display

2013-08-05 2

Thinking of what to do with your old cameras that are just gathering dust and mold? Clean them and hang them up seems like a splendid idea!

Photo from pocketfulofpretty

Displaying analogue cameras are among the most fulfilling aspects of this little hobby of ours. Whether they are working or not, these film shooters show a lot of character and culture. They could be old Kodak Brownies, broken down rangefinders from the FSR, or even one of your first plastic cameras! Enough talk, here’s how to display them using frames!


  • Small Frames
  • Command Strips
  • Old cameras


  1. Figure out where you want to hang the cameras/frames. Make the appropriate layouts and measurements
  2. Hang the frame using Command strips or a nail or screw
  3. Place Command strips on the middle of the frame and on the camera.
  4. Once it dries, mount it and marvel at your work!
Photo from pocketfulofpretty

Information for this article was sourced from pocketfulofpretty

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  1. sebavi
    sebavi ·

    this is so awesome!

  2. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    You can get frames from And you can get broken medium format and some 35mm SLR cameras from eBay for pretty cheap. I got all of my supplies for about $150 but I chose some better cameras from eBay

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