DIY Film Negative Earrings Part Two

2013-08-05 1

If you’re into fashion, it’s one of the mortal sins to keep wearing the same thing over and over again. To avoid this little faux pas, we’ve got another DIY accessory for you guys to try out.

Photo by Leigh Morrison

We recently featured a TIpster on DIY film negative earrings, but we have another one for you to try! Instead of actually cutting up whole frames to hook on your earrings, this method is a less destructive approach.

All you need to do is to cut a few inches of film sprockets, hook a couple of strips on your earrings and you’re set! Feel free to put equal or different lengths of sprocket strips – whatever your personality deems best!

Photo by N. Washington

Information for this article was sourced from Leigh Morrison

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  1. jakemasa
    jakemasa ·

    I just made a pair of these for my Film loving girl friend

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