Stop Motion Sunday: Post-it Note Arcade

2013-08-04 1

For this week’s featured stop motion animation, we bring you another masterpiece made using post-it notes. Fans of classic arcade games will surely love this impressive post-it work of art as well, so if you’re one of them, step right up and watch!

As soon as his colleagues called it a day, software developer Michael Birken turned their New York City office into an unlikely location for his stop motion animation project: Post-it Note Arcade, which featured Pac-Man and Super Mario Brothers, two of his favorite old school arcade games.

Michael toiled on his stop motion animation project for more than 11 months, sticking post-its to create the characters on the walls around his office and photographing each frame individually then animating them. “Changing background scenery was masked out and replaced with 1 consistent frame throughout the animation, producing an eerie stillness amid the moving images on the walls,” he says on the YouTube video description.

All in all, Michael’s stop motion animation masterpiece took him more than 5,700 individual frames, 4,800 post-it notes, and 96 days spread out in over 11 months.

Watch Post-it Note Arcade below:

Do you think you can make something as awesome with post-it notes? Share your thoughts on Michael Birken’s stop motion animation work and leave a comment below!

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  1. marcosnava
    marcosnava ·

    WOW! I love stop motion and this particular movie is amazing!

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