Holga 120 CFN + Fuji Neopan = A Supernova in Your Camera


The Holga is a beautiful camera on its own, but it occasionally gets lonely and asks for a companion that is just as brilliant as she is. This is what happened when Holga met Neopan.

I decided to give my friend, Holga, a gift. That gift was some brilliant Fuji Neopan film. I haven’t tried Neopan film before, so I would have been surprised with the results no matter what. However, I didn’t expect to be blown away with these fantastic black and white shots.

I’ll let the results do the talking.

Credits: ajagee24701

Needless to say, I am now a fan of Fuji Neopan and I think it deserves some recognition. Holga 120 CFN + Fuji Neopan =a supernova in your camera. The results were more than I could’ve hoped for. People really don’t give the Holga as much credit as it deserves. This is just a proof that the Holga is a force to be reckoned with!

written by ajagee24701 on 2013-10-04 #lifestyle #film #120 #neopan #holga-120 #120mm #holga-120-cfn #holga

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