Stunning Photographs by Music Video Director Leo Berne


Leo Berne is a spontaneous combustion of talent.

He is mainly a director for Paris-based creative outfit Megaforce. The creative agency has worked on music videos for Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tame Impala, Two Door Cinema Club and even Madonna. Leo is definitely one hot shot director.

Leo Berne is also a gifted photographer. We had the pleasure of interviewing him recently, an opportunity that was one per cent short of amazing. Leo discloses that he shoots film 98 per cent of the time. He’s taken conceptual images for Two Door Cinema Club’s album covers but he has shot so much more in his personal projects.

Leo shares with us a few favored pieces from his portfolio. And here they are, for your absolute viewing pleasure:

Now, weren’t those photographs stunning? What do you think? Share your insight in the comments section below.

For more of Leo’s work, you can check him out at Flickr or visit his two photography projects online, I Barely Remember and For the Aliens.

All images in this article were used with permission from Leo Berne.

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