Rock It Out in Analogue: 70's Orgasm Club


The 70’s Orgasm Club, a psychedelic funk band from Bandung, Indonesia, will take you to the climax enjoying 70’s music. Check them out after the jump!

I learned about this band called 70’s Orgasm Club for the first time when I was still regularly buying Ripple magazine, an indie music magazine. Anto Arief, the frontman/guitarist/vocalist, is part of the Ripple crew. He is also a product designer, lecturer, and announcer of Substereo, a legendary Indie music radio programme. He also an organizer of gatherings for vinyl lovers in Bandung, Indonesia.

Credits: hervinsyah

Together with his best friend, Rio on bass and Endy Echo on drums, Anto founded the 70’s Orgasm Club after he signed out from his previous band, The Bride, one of Bandung’s famous alternative bands.

They competed in an indie band competition and were declared the winner. However, they haven’t made an album yet because each of them are very busy with their individual businesses.

The 70’s Orgasm Club launched a mini album on April 27th, 2012 which sadly was also a farewell party for Rio and Endy Echo, who have married and become busy with their new families. However, their friendship is forever.

The concept of the launch itself was so unique. It was done in four days. Aside from launching their mini album and holding their mini concert, Anto also exhibited his artwork which was an interpretation of their cover album.

The 70’s Orgasm Club’s album cover is a photo of three UFOs that was snapped by Anto’s friend from a plane on his way to Kalimantan (in English, this island is called Borneo).

Credits: hervinsyah

Talking about UFOs, Anto let the people decide whether the UFOs in the photo are real or not. Anto himself believes in UFOs. He also held a discussion about UFOs and invited Fan Fan Dharmawan from Bandung’s community of UFO fanatics. Aside from a discussion about UFOs, he also held a talk on psychedelia with a psychologist as the key speaker. He also invited his chef friend to cook delicious dishes for the audience.

When I came to the last day of the launch party, Anto played as a guitarist for Tulus, a successful newcomer male singer from Bandung.

I almost forgot to talk about the music of the 70’s Orgasm Club. Anto is a big fan of Stevie Wonder and Jimi Hendrix. However, his profession as a musician and composer made him listen to a lot of music, which expanded his knowledge about music. He is famous as a skilled guitarist in Bandung’s era of "skill is dead. “Skill is dead” is a famous slang for those musicians who are not good enough to play musical instruments.

Credits: hervinsyah

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