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Why be content with 1 photo when you can get 4? Add a little bit of action in your life with Lomography’s plastic fantastic darling – the ActionSampler! Here’s what the community members have to say about this amazing multi-lensed camera!

Credits: adi_totp

Lomography Actionsampler : Get Ready for Action! by adi_totp

“Lomography Actionsampler is a camera that I think everybody must have. It’s a classic cult camera especially in terms of “Lomography”… Fun is always in my mind when I’m using this camera so get ready for action with Actionsampler!"

Credits: jutei

Actionsampler Review – Not Quite my Cup of Tea by jutei

“It’s light, it’s small, it looks great and I love it!” Those were my first reactions when I got this camera. I did some research online and found out that this camera actually takes four pictures in one frame. That sounded fun and I went shooting.

Credits: starbala

ActionSampler is Amusement!!! by starbala

“The ActionSampler is a very easy camera: point, shoot, and advance the film. It doesn’t have much else, but the possibilities its 4 lenses give you are infinite!”

Credits: deprofundis

Actionsampler Cameras are for the Summer by deprofundis

“The Actionsampler is a suitable camera for outdoor activities; ideal for our holidays in the beach, for cooling off in the pool or dancing at summer festivals.”

Photo by deepfried_goodness

ActionSampler Capturing Four Moments in a Single Shot by deepfried_goodness

“I took pleasure in hearing the whirr of the shutter as the four lenses captured (or didn’t capture) the subject. And when the roll was finished, I dropped it off at the photolab and anxiously awaited the pictures. One hour can seem like ages at times, but afterwards, my love affair with this four-eyed 35mm gem had been properly ignited.”

written by cruzron on 2013-08-03 #gear #plastic-fantastic #multilens #toy #review

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