5 Emulsions for Exceptional Portraiture


Photographers just love to shoot people and, depending on one's style and shooting preferences, most have a choice go-to film brand when an assignment calls for portraits. From color negatives to slides to black & whites, there's a perfect portraiture emulsion that will just click with you.

Credits: aprilrich427

Fuji Provia 100F for Lo-Fi Portraits

The Fuji Provia 100F is a slide film known for its bluish-green, red-and-cream tones. This emulsion is perfect for outdoor lo-fi portraits as it turns the color of the photographs into vivid ones. Make sure to shoot under direct sunlight for extra oomph.

Credits: warning & kathepalacio

True to Life: Kodak Portra

If true-to-life skin tones and ultra fine grain is what you're after, look no further than Kodak's Portra. The Porta film is known for its close-accuracy of the skin tone while maintaining a soft ambiance. Whether you like the Natural Color or Vivid Color versions, the shades stay life-like.

Credits: ccwu, srmarcus & tjbeard8985

Lomography Color Negative 100 for Versatility

For colors that pop and sharpness so fierce, there's the trusty Lomography Color Negative 100. Studio shots look superb but this film loves the sun, too! It's a versatile emulsion that's perfect for experimentation. No matter what you do, whether you pull or push the film, or simply let it be, this film delivers satisfying pops of color. It doesn't miss out the defining details that make up good portraiture!

Credits: kazarareta, gnarlyleech, warrilow-tong & ariannapaloma

Fine Art Portraiture with Lomography Earl Grey B&W 100

Go timelessly classic with monochromatic portraits with the Earl Grey B&W 100. Mimic old photography masters' silver-gelatin prints as Earl Grey provides that wide tonal range. The greyscale it provides make it so perfect for shooting close-ups. It's also available in 120 format.

Credits: cc-in-paris, earlybird & susielomovitz

LomoChrome Purple XR 100-400 for Experimental Studies

Sometimes, we have to go against the grain. And by that, we mean diving into odd colors and emulsions! For unexpected hues on infrared-like images and purple-shifting skin tone, the LomoChrome Purple is worth experimenting with! Definitely for trippier shoot concepts. You might as well go wild with multiple-exposures while at it, too.

Credits: andrejrusskovskij, poepel, alyztale, jeahh & dudizm

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