$1.3 Million Stretch Goal: Pick Designs for 2 Waterhouse Plates


Before anything else, we’re a million times thankful and thrilled for all the support we’ve been getting from everyone! Now, we’re going to try and take the Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens campaign up a notch further with a new stretch goal over at Kickstarter. Read on for more details on the $1.3 million stretch goal and the reward that comes with it!

Waterhouse stop/aperture plate of the Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens

One of the things the original Petzval lens became known for is the beautiful swirly bokeh that complemented the sharp central focus — distinct effects that inspired us here at Lomography to adapt the 19th century optic breakthrough for modern cameras.

Thanks to your amazing support, we've reached the $1,000,000 stretch goal for our Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens campaign on Kickstarter! We’ve just opened a new stretch goal which comes with an exciting reward to expand your creative pursuit with the new Petzval lens.

Waterhouse Aperture Plate Survey

Last week, we opened up our new stretch goal for $1.3 million in pledges – If we hit this target, we will send every backer the following: 3 additional Waterhouse plates, 2 with a special shape which we will decide together with our backers and 1 which you can adapt yourself. Kindly help us out on which designs to make by answering our short Survey Form. Seeing the examples below*, what shape do you think we should adapt for the Waterhouse plates for use with the Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens?

What can you achieve by equipping the Petzval Lens with a shaped Waterhouse plate? You’ll get beautiful shaped bokehs, similar to what DIY bokeh masks do when placed over the lens. By attaching one of these Waterhouse plates onto the Petzval, the out-of-focus parts of the photograph will have beautiful, unique effects. For example, using a heart-shaped aperture plate, you’ll get heart shapes in the background of your photo like in the shot below. You can even create your own shape with the additional plate.

Shaped bokehs provide you with various ways to play with bokeh, and work with so many creative possibilities!

  • Please Note: These photos are for evaluation purposes only and were not taken with the Petzval lens.
Credits: plasticpopsicle, hanat9651 & simonesavo

We’d like to hear from you — what shape do you think should we adapt for the waterhouse plates for use with the Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens? Follow this link and answer our short Survey Form.

Additional Sales Taxes For USA Backers

Backers in the USA from the States of Illinois and New York need to pay Sales Tax. If you live in New York, please add an additional 8.875% to your pledge amount to cover local sales tax. If you live in Illinois, please add an additional 9.5% to your pledge amount to cover local sales tax. So for example, if you live in the State of New York and pledged for the $400 reward, please add an additional $35.50 to your pledge amount ($35.50 is 8.875% of $400) to cover New York Sales Tax. If you haven’t added this additional sales tax yet, don’t worry it’s easy to do. You can edit the amount you pledge right up until the project ends on the project page.

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The new Lomography Petzval (D)SLR Art Lens is a reinvention of the legendary portrait glass lens that first appeared in the 19th century. Our version is a high-quality glass optic that makes it possible for Canon and Nikon analogue and digital SLR mount cameras to yield the famous Petzval look – sharp focus areas with unique bokeh effects, strong color saturation, and artful vignettes. It’s a distinct look that goes far beyond using photo editing software and filters.

Fund this project on Kickstarter and help us bring back this extraordinary lens for 21st century photographers and filmmakers!

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