Picture This: Self-Portraits of Happiness During a Spiritual Journey


You will feel peace and happiness after going on a spiritual journey. On March 19th to 26th this year, I went to Saudi Arabia to do Umroh (kind of a short hajj), and between the busy prayer times, I snapped some self-portraits of happiness. Check after the jump!

Credits: hervinsyah

After doing the Thawaf (circling the Ka’bah, a big cubic structure built by the prophet Ibrahim and his son, the prophet Ismail, which is the universal direction for moslems all over the world when praying):

In the elevator after finishing all the Umroh activities:

Before entering Al Masjid Al Haram (The Sacred Mosque or The Grand Mosque) in Saudi Arabia:

Credits: hervinsyah

In a hot, hot day under the Saudi Arabian sun:

Credits: hervinsyah

When I got very thirsty, I drank zamzam water, taken from a source that was found by Siti Hajar, prophet Ismail’s mother, when she ran through Safa – Marwa searching water for her baby who was always crying because of thirst:

Visiting Jabal Rahmah, the place where the prophet Adam met his wife Siti Hawa (Eve) for the first time after they were separated for many years, since they were sent to the earth from heaven by God because they ate the forbidden fruit:

And of course, during a leisure time at Red Sea, Jeddah:

This is the happiest of all my happiness snaps. When my 16 rolls of film nearly ran out after I shot 3 rolls each day when I was in Saudi Arabia, I found this photo lab at Gazzaz, Jeddah, where they sold Fujicolor negative film and Kodak color negative films. I bought 5 of each and shot like crazy until I got back to Indonesia!

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