Throwback Thursday: Video Killed the Radio Star


In reminiscence of MTV’s debut 32 years ago, we present to you the first ever music video featured on the music channel.

“Video Killed the Radio Star,” is a song popularized by British synthpop/new wave group The Buggles as the first track for their album The Age of Plastic.

It was actually a Canadian hit first recorded by Bruce Wooley & the Camera Club. So catchy and infectious is the song that it has been covered by quite a number of other recording artists, including _ The Presidents of the United States of America, Erasure,_ and Ben Folds Five, among others.

The music video for The Buggles’ version was the first ever music video shown on MTV during its launch and first ever telecast on August 1, 1981

Here’s a bit of MTV throwback for you, a piece of nostalgia for anyone who was absorbed in the music channel in its earlier years.

Video via youtube:

Video killed the radio star,
He hit him on the head with his old guitar,
He tried to run away, but didn’t get far,
That’s how video killed the radio star

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written by Jill Tan Radovan on 2013-08-01 #videos #people #music #lifestyle #mtv #throwback-thursday

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