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2013-08-03 2

It was one ordinary day in the Lomography Community when we chanced upon this very interesting LomoKino movie entitled “To Be A Poser.” As the curious cats that we are, we just had to click play!

And my, were we impressed! The first few seconds got us hooked and made us want to play the analogue film again. As for the technical parts, it sure was brilliant! From that moment, we just had to ask, “who is beemotion?” I suppose you all are curious too so here they are, our week’s LomoKino LomoAmigo! Read on! :)

Please tell us something about Beemotion. What is it? What does it aim to do?

Beemotion is an unconventional production agency which gathers a team of young artists. Although it is based in Milan, the team also loves to wander. Its aim is to create and develop new concepts and projects promoting new patterns of audiovisual production: documentary, web series, commercials, viral and music video. This is the reason why Beemotion is looking for new communication codes and talented professionals such as directors, motion designers, editors, etc. to be part of the team.

We’ve seen your LomoKino movie “To Be a Poser” and really liked the concept and execution of the LomoKino film. What was this film for?

Some agencies required us to realize a reel, but we had no intention to offer a hodgepodge of the video we shot. Therefore we decided to develop a sort of ‘manifesto’ which tells something of us in few seconds but without a proper insight into our works (for these latter, check the website!) So, we decided to film the people we love, the persons we would like to address, those who we like to film because on them we recognize – and we try to understand – ourselves.

Beemotion is a melting pot of all the characters we met in our films, the ones walking down in the streets, so authentic and so special. More than tv-studios, the streets of our cities are our favourite stages for shooting: there you can find the truth.

Beemotion’s “To Be A Poser.”

How did you like shooting with the LomoKino?

It was really pleasant. It is such a romantic experience to hear and to listen to the sound of the film while shooting! It’s like traveling through time. Both Danilo and I always carry a LomoKino so as to shoot whatever we like and when we find something worth to be remembered in such a special way. We have a huge archive of scenes shot in this manner, by instinct, but always being shot with the LomoKino.

It maintains that extraordinary charm typical of every analogic device, and which is its very strong point – even stronger if compared to a digital camera’s style. The very fact that the camera ‘decides’ – in a anarchic way – to make an image out-of-focus or in-focus, dark or bright, represents the great advantage that LomoKino offers us. It makes the image more mysterious, arcane, odd and magical. And it seems to call the observer to play a more active role… By imagining what is not there portrayed. It is poetry translated in images.

Describe the LomoKino in five words.

Rock, creative, funny, exciting and magical.

Love these LomoKino stills!

Who or what has inspired Beemotion to purchase and use the LomoKino for a film like this?

Our curiosity, for sure. There is a non-written rule in the way we work: “experiment and make innovations," overcoming fear of change, the risks and the potential failures that walking a new path means.

As well as satisfying our most nostalgic feelings! Lomokino was the perfect mean to tell a story that we wanted to be ‘timeless.’ And those young people we filmed embody today the same universal dream for change, for life, for passion, and love that existed decades ago — in hidden or visible forms, through that shy or bold appearance which make their souls shine through the camera. It doesn’t matter if the hairstyle or clothes are different, the LomoKino allowed us to make this happen — to make ‘youth’ blossom and the characters we have filmed to express themselves authentically and therefore truthfully.

Fun people behind the team!

Any funny or strange encounters you’ve had while using the LomoKino?

Hehehe yes! We met a lot of special people around. People love to be photographed and many of them often approached us for this reason! Or just to ask what ‘that device’ is. The camera is a very powerful tool: it often helps people to open their hearts. Many of those filmed spontaneously told us about their lives and thoughts. One guy, in particular, was looking for a girl since he had saw her some months before: the desire to meet her again was so strong that he had left his job to go and find her! Unbelievable. I hope he already succeeded or will soon.

Credits: beemotion

Any future plans for Beemotion and the LomoKino? More shoots or a full-length film perhaps? We’d love to know more about your future projects!

I think that ‘To Be a Poser’ could be a good format to rerun, if not infinite times, at least many more times. In that movie you have seen young people walking the streets of Milan but it would be interesting just to change the subjects of the shooting, such as focusing on the elderly and their amazing faces, with their feeling and emotions written on their eyes and wrinkles. A simple shooting: their images caught for what they truly are, old men and women with their both unique and universal stories to tell us, the elderly of the future.

Any advice to future LomoKino users?

Have a good supply of films and look for a story to tell.

Know more about Beemotion at www.beemotion.it

Do you have something to say about your LomoKino experience? Then drop me a line at mayee.gonzales@lomography.com and you might be our next LomoKino LomoAmigo!

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