Using Film Canisters in Pottery


If you ever find yourself in a pottery class, impress your date with this Tipster you can use with the aid of a film canister!

Photo from hodakapottery

This is not one of our most practical Tipsters, as it’s a bit unlikely and quite far-fetched to find yourself in this position on a daily basis, but it’s quite an interesting thing to know at the back of your mind nonetheless! Wouldn’t it be awesome to know how to do this instead of making a poor Patrick Swayze impersonation the next time you’re doing pottery?

All you have to do is to hold the film container outside the bowl, and push the clay toward outside in circular motion from inside with a finger. If you did the shape of bowl right, this makes very nice complement to the bowl. Now stop singing Unchained Melody.

Photo from hodakapottery

Information for this article was sourced from hodakapottery

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