Kodak T-max (35mm, 400 iso) User-Review


How things will look with an expired film? It was a question in my head, so I decided to share with you all my feelings about it!

Hi everybody, it’s my first review in Lomography community ! Holga 120 CFN is also my first Lomography camera.
I’m so in love with it and my Lomo LC-A+RL ! But it isn’t the subject of this review. When I bought my Holga, I asked to myself, “What effects an expired film can produce?” There were no shops around my place that has expired film and… someone from my family came at home with a big pack of old black and white films, color slides films expired since – eight years expired!

What a luck ! These rolls were immediately kept in the freezer !

After finishing my first roll in my Holga, I decided to use one precious black and white film for my next shoot. Until that day came and I have to take the train so I took with me a sponge, scissors, magnetic tape. During the travel I made the installation of my D.I.Y 35 mm modification! I took some shoots and I was really anxious ’cause it was my first time on 35mm with Holga.

Roll one complete ! I went to a lab to develop my negatives ! Yes, I only have to wait for a week to have it done!

One week later the photolab said :
We don’t have your negatives maybe because the holidays, you can come back next week !

Two weeks later :
We still don’t have your negatives, we lose it, give us another week.

Arrrrrrgh !

One month later…
We have your negatives !

At first, some parts of my negatives were totally blank or dark. I don’t know why, maybe the film was to old. I lost 12 shots on my negatives. But there was some pictures! Some pictures have a good quality and others weren’t. Expired T-max provide very stylized shots, dramatic shots, even dirty shots. Multiple exposures are a little / a lot confused with this expired roll. I love sprockets and this dramatic / dirty style! I love expired films since then! Because we really don’t know what kind of pictures it will produce.

My shots aren’t that fantastic, It’s my fun experience that I wanted to share with you! :)

Thanks for reading !

written by yun on 2010-03-17 #gear #boat #girl #train #factory #church #black-and-white #35mm #review #trees #sky #railway-station #clock #multiple-exposures #holga-120-cfn #kodak-tmax-400


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  1. lazyorbit
    lazyorbit ·

    that first shot is so ghostly!!! MELIKES!

  2. paramir
    paramir ·

    nice gallery! I love the feel of this (expired) film.

  3. quisp
    quisp ·

    First photo is great !

  4. yun
    yun ·

    Thanks !

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