World Photography Day! Film Swap and FREE Multiple Exposure Workshop


It’s World Photography Day! Time to grab your favorite analog camera and head down to the store for a day of workshops and film! We’re hosting two very special events on this occasion. First, we will be doing a FREE multiple exposure workshop. You read that correctly, FREE WORKSHOP! Additionally, we will be starting our first ever Chicago film swap. Stop in on August 18th, at 2pm to join us for this awesome day of analog photography!

World Photography Day is being celebrated here at Lomography Chicago in a bunch of great ways! At 2pm, August 18th you can come into the store and get a free workshop on multiple exposures! We’re providing both the loaner cameras and the film for this one. Learn the best way to take multiple exposures from our educated staff, and enjoy borrowing our beloved La Sardina for free! We won’t be doing this again anytime soon, so make sure to take advantage of it.

In addition to this free workshop, we will also be hosting our first film swap among our Chicago residents! The last film swap was a collaboration with our store in Singapore, and we loved seeing those gorgeous images. This time we’re doing it amongst our local Lomographers. Here’s how it works.

1. Stop in our store from Sunday, August 18th through September 1st
2. Drop a roll of film into our bucket of film, and snag one out! In order to grab a roll to shoot over, you must drop one of your own in!
3. When you grab a roll out, it will have the person’s information, such as their name and/or lomohome.
4. Contact that person and let them know you have their film!
5. When you’re done shooting, drop off the roll back at the store for development, and then put the images into your lomohome. Be sure to send them to your film swap buddy!
6. Each participant will have to drop off a roll of their own, and pay for the development of the roll they pick-up to ensure fairness for everyone!

Here’s some tips on film swaps

1. Load the film sprocket onto the first sprocket hole, wind fully, close the camera, take a shot, and wind again. If both people do this, it will help make sure their exposures overlap.
2. Write down the camera you used, and the lighting conditions. This will help the other person decide the best way to shoot over your roll.
3. Keep in mind you’re doing a multiple exposure, so you want to take care not overexpose the film.
4. Be careful while rewinding! You don’t want to get your film stuck all the way back in.

For more tips, come to our multiple exposure workshop, or stop in the store! We’re now open everyday from 11am – 7pm. Happy shooting!

Lomography Chicago
1422 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642
Open Everyday 11am – 7pm

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What: World Photography Day Film Swap and FREE Multiple Exposure Workshop
When: Sunday August 18th, @ 2 PM
Where: Lomography Gallery Store Chicago
Cost: FREE

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