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We let two men from two different countries in Asia meet through a nitty gritty (yet spunky!) question and answer. It’s a brother like kind of bonding, all thanks to the magic of film photography!

From Indonesia to Thailand, we bring you another Ask Your Guru feature to feed your Lomographic curiosities and at the same time enjoy! This time we have Newcomer ekeupratama and LomoGuru sobetion to know!

Credits: sobetion

Let us say “sawadee krab!” which means “hello!” in Thai to Intouch Pumsakha or also known as Mickey and sobetion. Coming from the capital city of Bangkok, which he describes as a very hot weather in Asia, Mickey is a musician and his username sobetion is actually the name of his band!

He has been a Community member for two years already. He’s a self-confessed Lomography addict who doesn’t know how to live his life without this hobby. “I think Lomography is fantastic and it surprises me everytime! There is no right or wrong for there is imagination! it makes me love traveling, the sunshine, and the sky,” he adds.

Credits: ekeupratama

And here we have Ekeu Pratama or yes, ekeupratama who has been a Community member for almost a year already. How you asked? By browsing the wonders of the world wide web, of course!

Ekeu originally came from Bandung but moved to Jakarta in Indonesia to become an apprentice after his graduation. It’s great to know that just like Mickey, Ekeu loves music, too! He loves classic rock from bands like The Beatles and Mr. Big. He shares that these bands video clips inspired him to try film photography. The “artistic grain and unique characteristics of the tones” were the factors he just could not resist!

So besides Lomography, this young lads connect through music, too! Interesting, eh? Then let’s see how their Q&A went!

Ekeu Pratama (EP): You have done so many great doubles with other Lomographers. Any themes that you tell them before doing doubles?

Mickey Pumsakha (MP): Me and my double partners always don’t have a theme in mind. Just random ideas! Just follow the “don’t think just shoot” rule! Everything can surprise us.

Some doubles project with LomoHomes grazie, blueskyandhardrock, emkei, mafiosa, and atria007.

EP: You have a lot of photos of girls. Do you direct their poses?

MP: Most often I do not direct them. I’m a lucky man for they (or her!) has a profession when it comes to poses.

Mickey’s girlfriend awesomely hams it up for the camera!

EP: How do you make a composition when shooting a model so that it would end up with a great result?

MP: You must always find new inspiration and remember the various photo composes that you like. With that, you’ll have a new perspective and fresh brilliant ideas for a shoot!

Some sweet portraiture from Ekeu!

EP: How can we shoot really nice street photos?

Just shoot candid photos on the street! Don’t use a viewfinder! You should train a lot to be able to focus in a fast and accurate manner. Then rush to press shutter! And beware when your object of interest has no idea that he or she is being photographed! Also, directing poses will give you a fake photographic mood.

Candid street photographs shot in Thailand.

EP: Do you really have to wait for the perfect moment to say that you have shot a great one?

MP: I never wait for that perfect moment, every moment is directed by destiny.

Mickey’s perfect moment!

EP: How do you choose the right film when you go out and shoot the streets?

MP: In my opinion, colour negative film and black and white film are good choices when it comes to street photography. But I still love slide film (cross-processed) when I do so.

A taste of outside from Ekeu.

EP: How do you find a nice object to shoot?

MP: When you are traveling in wherever, when you see something forward and think that it’s gorgeous, don’t be slow, pick-up your camera, and just shoot! Everything can surprise you.

Everything is a surprise!

EP: Any tips when it comes to shooting ordinary objects and turning them into really interesting photos Ex. traffic signs, billboards, feet etc.

MP: You must find a story and a prominent point in the object you are shooting. Example, If you’re shooting your feet, you may be standing on a pattern floor. That pattern will help put interest in your pictures while your feet is the prominent point. Everything should always have a story and a hidden message in that object. You just have to discover them!

Credits: sobetion

EP: How do you create great photos with objects that you can find at home?

I love shooting portraits in my home. I recommend tgat you use a Colorsplash flash and shoot a lot of multi-exposed photos! This can help you create some masterpieces!

Used with a Colorsplash flash,

EP: Since we both live in a tropical country, what is a good subject that we can shoot during the rainy season?

Now in Thailand, we experience heavy rain everyday, I think we better shoot indoors than outdoors. For example; inside coffee shops, department stores, museums, etc. And if you have an underwater case, I think you should just go outside and shoot during a rainy day!

Credits: ekeupratama

Well I think that went well! Street photography sure was a big part of this interview! Now, now, I hope these two meet-up soon! Thanks Ekeu and Mickey! Until our next Ask Your Guru!

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