DIY Film Canister Lights


Want to jazz up your place but feel its a wee bit too early for Christmas lights? Here’s a nifty idea you can try out!

Photo by Ashley Kneram

The holidays are near, but nowhere near enough to start decorating your place with seasonal trinkets. What you can do instead is this sweet DIY solution for your idle Christmas lights!


  • Clear film canisters
  • Film negatives strips
  • Scissors or something to poke a hole on the canister’s lid.
  • Christmas lights – white/yellow are better to use, but if all you have are the multicolored ones, that’s okay


  1. Cut small strips from the film negatives. Two whole frames should be enough.
  2. Put the small strip inside the canisters.
  3. Poke or slice a hole on the film canister’s lid.
  4. Slide the light bulb inside the lid, then close the film canister.

written by cruzron on 2013-07-31 #gear #tutorials #diy #light #tipster #decoration

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