Fun Under the Sun: On The Beach With My New Olympus OM-10


Here I am, trying my new Olympus OM-10 at the seaside to see what it could yield and I even had a surprise… Let’s see after the jump!

You may remember my review of the Olympus OM-10 I found at home, I decided to test the camera by shooting the first two rolls while I was at the seaside in a lovely little town in Liguria, Italy. I found the rolls within the cameras and loaded them without caring too much, just setting the ISO (100).

Credits: virtualflyer

I love the sea and I tried to shoot some semi-long exposures to shoot the waves and have a kind of soft water in my pictures. I know that the results aren’t really any good, but I think it’s my fault, I didn’t have the right equipment and I didn’t think too much. This may be also because I thought I seemed a little weird standing on the beach while pointing a big camera (I had the 70-210 lens attached) at the sand/waves.
Anyway I’ll try again when I’ll be able to and see what the camera can do…

Credits: virtualflyer

This town is near a very big harbor from where many of the big Costa Crociere cruise ships leave for Civitavecchia, another harbor near Naple, and all the Mediterranean Sea! Seeing one of these incredible ships leaving is really impressive, they’re so gigantic!

Credits: virtualflyer

Here’s a picture I like! Not much because of the subject (it could have been better), but because of the colors, they’re so soft and very vintage. It looks like a photo from the seventies to me!

Credits: virtualflyer

The sky! I love the sea sky because it’s so bright and blue! Here where I live we have a thick fog for most of the year, so such a sky is really amazing for us! It was also very enjoyable at the sunset with the mountains in the background (I don’t know about you, but I really like the kites photo).

And here we are, did you notice anything?

  • There were some major light leaks, but this wasn’t something new, as I already said in the review it was my fault because of the lack of knowledge of the rewinding system of this SLR.
  • The film was probably expired! I haven’t been able to find a best before date on the roll, but I’m pretty sure since the colors are so distorted and there’s such grain in the photos.

Anyway I pretty like it, even if those weren’t the results I was expecting, but, hey, it’s Lomography Golden Rule number 8!

You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film.

Please share with me what you think of the photos!

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