Daily Picks from the Sales Section: Supersampler Blue Bubblewrapped


Ultra-lightweight and low-maintenance, the Supersampler is a multi-lensed, plastic fantastic camera that you can bring anywhere.

The Lomography Supersampler also has a speed switch, which will allow you to shoot in two span modes: standard and high speed, so you can capture those for sequential panoramic shots just the way you want it!

And if you’re the no-extra-fuss-type, you might like the Supersampler Blue Bubblewrapped. Set in a special price, you’ll be getting this beauty on its own with no extra frills — no packaging or box, just clad in bubblewrap.

Read all about the Supersampler over at Supersampler microsite.

Credits: paloma76, ponyhut, kylewis & martinpruv

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Smitten by this snapper? Well, we’ve got good news for you as you can now get your own Supersampler Blue Bubblewrapped at a special 30% discount* over at the Online Shop! Hurry before stocks run out!

*product only available in Europe.

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